Meet SNL's Newest Funny People

Comediennes Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad joined the Saturday Night Life cast today, leaving us to wonder just who these young ladies are. Thankfully the internet exists (or else we wouldn't have jobs) and we were able to track down a few videos of the gals in action.

Slate hails from Brooklyn and does funny, gonzo videos with her writing partner Gabe Liedman. We like their "Bestie by Bestie" series, little videos where the two find out unknown things about each other (strong language, probably NSFW):

"Bestie by Bestie" #8 from Gabe & Jenny on Vimeo.

Slate also appeared in a sketch for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It's a spoof of The City:

Pedrad comes from the Groundlings in LA. She did a one woman show called "Me, Myself, and Iran" a while back, though sadly the clips have been pulled from YouTube. There is, however, this sketch in which she and other ladies "Trash Talk" (also NSFW for language). We think she's second from the right:

"Trash Talk" Sketch From Groundlings Show "El Rancho Advanco" from Marisol Medina on Vimeo.

We can't really tell what Pedrad is all about from that brief clip, but we're definitely excited for Slate. She's funny and weird! So, yay. Hopefully neither of them will suffer the sad, background-shunned fate of poor Casey Wilson.

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