Meet the New Beauty and the Geek Australia Cast

The girls and geeks of Beauty and the Geek Australia season 3 in their own words.

Breaking with tradition, the third season of Beauty and the Geek Australia will see gender stereotypes shaken up, as a boy beauty and a girl geek are introduced for the first time.

"I love hosting this show," says host Bernard Curry, "It has such a warm heart and celebrates the differences between people, so I'm excited to be back for a third season."

"It will be really interesting to see how the addition of these two changes the dynamic among our Beauties and Geeks," he says.

Meet the latest contestants of this reality TV social experiment, and see how they describe themselves.



Darlene, 22, Northern Territory
"I feel the most beautiful thing about me is that I just love. I just love everyone."

Adam, 25, Victoria
"I've been keeping my own weather records for about nine years now. I just live and breathe the weather. It's never far from my mind."

Dolly, 21, Queensland
"If I had three wishes I’d want money, a great guy and an endless shoe collection."

Bendeguz, 21, New South Wales
"I don't know whether 'Geek' would be the right term for me. I just see myself as Bendeguz. The one, the only and utterly unique."

Emma, 21, Queensland
"I haven't actually put myself in a situation where I've had to have a conversation that's not about shoes or make-up. So that'll be interesting."

Colin, 23, Victoria
"I have a lot of regret for every girl that I've fallen for but never had the balls to approach about it."

Gaia, 19, Western Australia
"I wish I had brains as well as beauty so I could rule the world."

Gilbert, 19, Victoria
"For some reason if I ever like a girl, I'll subconsciously say to myself, 'OK, she can come to me about it'."

Jacelle, 20, Victoria
"I hate going out to restaurants and there's all these cutleries and stuff, I don't know what to do! It's too confusing."

Jimmy, 26, New South Wales
"I'm not in a situation often where I'm surrounded by a lot of women that I can approach fearlessly."

Jordan, 20, New South Wales
"Sometimes I need to be the centre of attention, but that's just because I’m bored."

Julian, 25, New South Wales
"This will give me some very focused, forced social time because I'm pretty much in the lab all the time and not really meeting other people."

Mackenzie, 21, Western Australia
"As I've grown older I've become more aware of the beauty within, but I don't believe I'm quite there yet."

Lachlan, 22, Queensland
"Initially if my beauty is extremely high maintenance, I think I'll be inclined to just yield."

Maddy, 20, New South Wales
"I'm not really used to competing in a studying manner but I could still do it. I think my competitive side will push past that. Hopefully."

Nathan, 19, South Australia
"I was always known as the nerd of the school, but it really didn't bother me because I wasn't really there to make friends."

Sarah, 20, New South Wales
"I like talking. I could be on the phone for hours and my mum will sometimes take the phone and laptop off me and tell me I need some time out."

Theo, 23, New South Wales
"You can never exhaust yourself of things to do with mathematics. There are always things to play around with, to construct or analyse."

Troy, 21, New South Wales
"I'll just go out there and be myself. I'm not there to play the game."

Helen, 26, Australian Capital Territory
"People say I'm a good listener, but it's because I don't know what to say."

How do you think the introduction of a boy beauty and a girl geek will affect the show?

Beauty and the Geek Australia premieres 8:30pm Thursday, September 22 on Seven.

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Sep 22, 2011
Oh my God!!! I went to school with one of these people!!!

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