Meet The Old Guys

When they're not lusting after their next-door neighbour (Jane Asher) Tom and Roy, played by Swift and Lloyd Pack respectively, are determined to make use of their new 'freedom passes'.

Written by award-winning writers of Peep Show, The Old Guys has a lot to live up to and with an all-star cast, the creators hope it’ll be a success, saying: "If actors were cars, it feels like the show has a garage full of Rolls-Royces."

Starring alongside Roger and Clive will also be the IT Crowd's Katherine Parkinson, who plays Tom's emotionally unstable daughter Amber.

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Feb 13, 2009
It's a good show and I like the i tune in every week. The romance between the Roy Tom and Sally next door is a great idea.
Feb 02, 2009
It was absolutely dire! A waste of the talents of two fine actors.
Jan 29, 2009
It may be good. I'll try and watch it and see.