Michael Cera gets Jersey Shore'd, the Glee kids learn to dance, and Morgan Freeman joins the CBS Evening News

Here's where we've been clicking today ...

—TV Without Pity compiled a great list of favorite familiar faces returning to the small screen.

—Pablo Schreiber, a.k.a. the actor behind The Wire's Nicky Sobotka, a.k.a. Liev Schreiber's little bro, just landed a role on FX's new series, Lights Out.

Michael Cera had a little encounter with Jersey Shore's Pauly D.

—The Glee kids weren't always great dancers, you know. Watch them learn.

—Walter Cronkite's voice has officially been retired from the CBS Evening News opener. Now Katie Couric will be introduced by ... Morgan Freeman? Seriously?!?!?

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you said it, telvisnostic.
Jeeze that kid Nicky was an idiot
That's probably because James Earl Jones wasn't available.

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