Michigan J. Frog has no leg to stand on

The WB network, which launched in 1995 using the Looney Tunes cartoon character, Michigan J. Frog, as its mascot, has announced it will cease using the frog this fall. The network is focusing efforts on shedding its image as a "teens-only" network.

"The frog was a symbol that--especially in the extensive testing that we did--perpetuated the young teen feel of the network, and that is not the image we want to put to our audience," said WB entertainment president David Janollari. He added that the network wants to target the lucrative 25- to 34-year-old market.

Michigan J. Frog was "born" in 1955, when the legendary animator Chuck Jones created the singing, dancing, tuxedo-and-top-hat-clad amphibian for the short "One Froggy Evening." In the cartoon, the frog sang "The Michigan Rag," but only when nobody was looking--as soon as he had an audience, he clammed up. Michigan J. Frog never was as popular as fellow Jones creations Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, but he remained a fan favorite. In 1995, The WB network launched using Michigan as its mascot.

Look for The WB's new logo--an edgy, cool splotch.