Minder gets a modern remake

Ex-EastEnders actor Shane Richie will star in the new show about London's criminal underworld. Richie will play Archie Daley, the nephew of the original Minder con-man Arthur. Joining him is Lex Shrapnel who will star as Archie's bodyguard Jamie Cartwright.

The two characters, who meet in the first episode, quickly form a friendship and become partners, continuing the Daley's dodgy family business. The new Minder gives a number of nods to the original eighties version with Arthur's former hangout, The Winchester Pub, now being run by Petra (Jenna Russell), the original owner's daughter.

Minder first aired on ITV in October 1979 and was a popular show airing for fifteen years. The TV classic, starring George Cole and Dennis Waterman, struck a chord in Thatcher's Britain with its money-making schemes and witty one-liners. While the show lasted for ten series the last three were filmed without Waterman, who played Arthur's minder Terry McCann. Waterman quit the show in 1989.

In the eighties Minder looked like this:

The new series will see Archie and Jamie up to the same tricks with the show's premiere following the pair as they settle a debt with a pair of crooked property developers.

Click here to see the men in action.

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Is this really necessary?
Lets have a DYNASTY remake... :D

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