Mindy Kaling is a Twitter Master

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Mindy Kaling knows how to work it on Twitter. Watch and learn.


... And Tina Fey knows how to work it on a table. And in handcuffs. It's not as dirty as it sounds, trust me.

... ABC is making (unembeddable!) music videos for each of the Lost characters, starting with Ben Linus. Guess which song they used?

... James Franco made a documentary about Saturday Night Live. Must. See.

... According to this guy, The Middle deserves some major love.

... David Simon-ites, Wire-tappers, and fans of really awesome HBO shows, take note: Here's an in-depth look—with commentary—at a scene from the forthcoming Treme.

... Apparently people multitask when they watch TV. Maybe that has something to do with short attention spa—OOOH, PUPPY!!!!!

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