Steven Spielberg Is Developing a Minority Report TV Series

You'd think someone would've predicted this already. 

Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg is planning a TV series adaptation of his hit 2002 film Minority Reportaccording to The Wrap.

Based on the short story of the same name by writer Philip K. Dick, Minority Report takes place in 2054 and focuses on a program called "PreCrime," which sees police working with three psychics to identify and apprehend criminals before they can commit their crimes. The movie, which grossed $358 million worldwide, stars Tom Cruise as John Anderton, the head of the PreCrime program who is forced to go on the run after being accused of murder himself.

Spielberg's production company Amblin TV would oversee the project, and Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein is on board to write. 

In recent years, Spielberg has taken on several TV projects, including Falling Skies, Extant, and the upcoming Fox drama Red Band Society. According to the The Wrap, Spielberg is expected to be heavily involved in Minority Report's small-screen adaptation.

Would you watch a Minority Report TV show?

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