Misfits' Finale Leaves A Sour Aftertaste

This season's Misfits has been as unpredictable as a superpower-wielding storm: there's been bestiality, unlikely couplings and the surprising reveal (and then death) of masked future Simon. With all that's been going on, last night's fast-paced finale had a lot to live up to and while it satisfied our need for answers we were left feeling uncomfortably force-fed. Look away now if you're yet to watch the episode, we don't want to spoil it for you below.

It's customary for writers to give viewers occasional clues, but last night's slap-in-the-face hints just hurt. Curtis (Nathan Steward-Jarrett) might as well of winked at the camera when he uttered the words "I'm lactose intolerant"; from that point on everything could be pieced together. As expected, the ASBO five were all rescued by his time-travelling powers and convenient cheese allergy.

We knew mortal danger would be imminent this episode--future Simon already warned us of this--so, at first, our mind was boggling as to whom the killer could be. We wanted to piece the jigsaw together ourselves, but there were only two obvious choices: the milk man or the journalist. The game was disappointingly given away less than half-way through. The exact timing was used for the episode in which future Simon was unmasked, but unlike that well-honed instalment last night's finale lacked a satisfying reveal and asked few compelling questions.

There were enough amusing one-liners to hold our attention, but it was the physical comedy that made the finale worth watching despite the narrative shortcomings. The crippled man who fell over once healed; Nathan coaxing his diseased genitals into the healing girl's hands; and the original display of "lactocanesis" were all laugh-out-load (if cringe worthy) fun. The nod to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also had our inner geek smiling.

The humour didn't stop us from feeling cheated, however. After a series long build-up, this episode didn't feel like a finale. Our final thoughts should be: "Wow, they've been outed, what will happen next?" Not: "Oh, is that it? Better go to bed". Every TV viewer wants to be smarter than the writer; to calculate the ending before it's happened. It's no fun when the answers are just handed to us. Admit it: you want bragging rights for figuring it all out! The good news is that the Christmas episode is much more satisfying. You can look forward to that on December 19 at 10pm on E4.

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