Misfits: Sally and Simon, Sitting in a Tree

Misfits S01E05: “Five”

With confirmation that the superpowered Breakfast Club had something to do with her fiance’s disappearance, probation officer Sally pulled out all the stops on the train to Creepster-ville to get Simon to roll over on the others. It didn’t work out quite as planned, but really, do these sorts of things ever go as planned on Misfits?

She started out well enough; sensing Simon’s social anxieties and insecurities, she offered him the attention and care that he so desperately craved. She cultivated a romance in a matter of days, and just in case that fell apart, she had her Shygirl18 online persona waiting in the wings. So of course, when her deception came to the surface, Simon took it about as well as any other maladjusted mutant would and accidentally bashed her head in. Or rather, the door handle bashed her head in after he gave her a good shove. After all, she WAS trying to escape with a cell phone full of damning evidence and she DID seduce him AND slam his head into a lady’s room mirror. It’s all fun and games until someone gets murdered by an emergency exit.

Sally’s seduction was hard to stomach, not so much due to the age difference, since really, she can’t be that much older than Simon, and not entirely due to their authority figure/underling relationship (though that was certainly alarming), but really, I just didn’t want to see Simon get hurt. Out of all the ASBO kids, Simon might just be the least deserving of his punishment. Despite his hurt at being humiliated by a childhood friend in front of people he very badly wanted to accept, Simon still had to get himself good and drunk to go through with his plan to burn the guy’s house down. He made sure there were no humans at home when he tossed the flammables through the mail slot, and even though that doesn’t make his attempted destruction okay, it at least points to a sense of morality, of right and wrong. He ultimately abandoned his plan and put the fire out (by peeing on it—THERE’S a classic drunk idea) when he realized that there was a cat inside, rationalizing that it wasn’t the cat that hurt him.

Despite clearly being a few sandwiches short of a picnic, Simon has generally tried to be an upstanding member of society. The problem is that society doesn’t seem to have a place for him. So imagine his delight when Sally came along, took a real interest in his admittedly creepy (someone needs to talk to him about boundaries) films, offered him rides, drinks, dinner, and even the possibility of sex. I don’t think she could have gone about a crueler way of trying to turn Simon against the others and Simon’s final refusal to join Sally in selling out his ASBO mates, “They’re the only friends I’ve got,” speaks to both the depths of that betrayal and Simon’s continued search for acceptance. Despite his past experiences and the new heartbreak with Sally, Simon would still prefer to be a part of the world than not. While the fact that he considers Curtis, Kelly, Alisha, and even Nathan to be his friends despite their casual mistreatment of him is touching, it’s also a sad commentary on his desperation that he would be willing to accept so little.


– When asked if he learned anything from his community service experience, Curtis answered, “Yeah, don’t get caught.” I know he mostly meant it as sarcasm, but really, that’s the best lesson you COULD learn, isn’t it?

– The third time is the charm. Or the sixth, seventh, and...how many times DID it take Curtis to finally break up with Sam? And do we think that’s the last we’ve seen of her?

– While Nathan and the mind-controlling baby was a cute distraction from Simon and Sally’s Worst Romance Ever, it felt kind of like a shoehorned plot just for the sake of getting some Nathan screen time. It was nice to see everyone teaming up to track him down after he kidnapped the infant, though. They even included Simon!

– Kelly and Nathan might just be the most sarcastic couple ever, after Scrubs’ Dr. Cox and Jordan. I like it.

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