Misfits Season 2, Episode 3 Review: Under the Hood

Misfits S02E03: “Episode 3”

Super Hoodie’s alter ego was revealed and a mind-controlling tattoo gave Nathan the hots for Simon—it sounded like a typical day on Misfits, but when all was revealed, it turned out to be much more than that.

So, Super Hoodie and Simon are one and the same. Sort of. Who knew? Actually, quite a few of you knew. I knew too, just because sometimes I have to do some research and double-check that what I think happened in a particular episode, actually happened. Also names. I’m terrible with names. And sometimes over the course of those fact-checking adventures, I end up reading things I probably shouldn’t read if I want to preserve the organic unfolding of the story, but these things happen. It was still a pretty awesome reveal, right? Right.

Super Hoodie saved Alisha from certain death yet again and after hauling her back to the Hoodie Cave, revealed his true identity. He claimed to be Simon from the future, sent back on a mission to make sure that “certain things” happened at “certain times.” He was hesitant to reveal too much, but made sure to let Alisha know that they totally hook up in the future.

And then they had sex. Somehow, Future Simon is immune to Alisha’s powers.

My brain says that I should be creeped out by Future Simon and Present Alisha. Alisha herself even pointed out that by telling her they'd end up together in the future, Hoodie Simon made things weird and put undue pressure on her. especially since she’s still with Curtis.

Granted, I don’t think that her relationship with Curtis will be an issue for too much longer. Curtis tracked down Nikki, the woman whose apartment the gang broke into in pursuit of Super Hoodie last week. Nikki also has the honor of being the hot chick from the rooftop in Curtis’s accidental trip to the future. It was heavily implied then that THEY were an item. So that’s convenient.

Already smitten with Future Simon, Alisha reached out to Present Simon. Future Simon warned her that she couldn’t let the others, especially Present Simon, know who Future Simon was or why he was there, so it got awkward when Present Simon asked Alisha why she was being so nice to him all of a sudden. Unable to truly explain herself, Alisha fumbled around and finally just went with apologizing for being a bitch. It was a great way to bridge the gap between their future and present relationship, both for giving us a more sympathetic look into Alisha’s usually prickly personality and for giving us a peek at the perceptiveness that we see in Simon’s future incarnation.

Present Simon is sensitive, but he’s not a delicate little flower who needs to be coddled and protected and doted upon. His invisibility power stems from feeling ignored by society and by people he hoped to be friends with. His volatile anger isn’t in response to that social invisibility, but in response to people who DO see him and then wrong him: the old friend who humiliated him at the bar and Sally, who used him to get to the others. Present Simon doesn’t enjoy being ignored, but he doesn’t see it as a deliberate wrong so much as a simple fact of life. Simon is invisible because people don’t notice him and sometimes it’s better that way because often, the people who DO notice him only hurt him in the end. Furthermore, Simon’s place on the fringe of society has enabled him to become an excellent observer. We saw hints of that through his videos last season, but his attention to detail extends to understanding his peers on an subconscious level as well. Simon knows them better than they know themselves. He can see through their facades with ease, which is why he continues to call them friends even though, on the surface, they all appear to be rather sucky friends.

So when Alisha apologized for past wrongs, Simon was puzzled. He never perceived any malice from Alisha and went on to explain, “Sometimes I think it's hard for beautiful girls...no one can see past their looks.”

I don’t care if they got off to a kind of creepy start. Alisha and Simon are my new favorites. Sorry, Nathan, here’s another addition to your pile of rejections.

Future Simon got the girl this time around, but Present Simon proved himself worthy after figuring out why Nathan was suddenly smitten with him and why Kelly randomly started dating her tattoo artist. Hint: Their sudden bouts of lovesickness coincided perfectly with the appearance of heart tattoos on their shoulders, which also coincided with a trip to Kelly’s tattoo artist to get her tramp stamp touched up. Nathan just HAD to open his mouth and make fun of the artist's ink. You don’t make fun of someone else's tattoos, bro. You just don’t do it.

So Kelly’s artist got his revenge for a time, but when the gang confronted him and demanded that he remove the tattoos, he refused. That probably wasn’t the best decision he made that day, especially since Present Simon had brought his A game and had Future Simon backing him, handily supplying a bag of dry roasted peanuts to use against the super-powered artist's terrible nut allergy.

Our little Simon is growing up. I’m so proud.


– Alisha watched a newscast that seemed to confirm that the ASBO Five’s superpowers would be revealed to the world three months after the storm. Does anyone have any idea where we are in that timeframe?

– While Simon and Alisha got closer and Curtis and Nikki got to know one another, Kelly and Nathan decided to stop their relationship in its tracks and go back to just being friends. I was kind of sad to see them break up, but really, they always had more of a friend vibe about them anyway.

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Great review, MaryAnn. I think your analysis of Simon is spot on. He's been and interesting and complex character since the series 1. A weird little stalker, while also been a sincere and loyal person looking out for his sucky friends behind the scenes. The outside observer. He's always been the one that was best suited to understand the messed up events they face. This episode just pushed those qualities to epic levels. It wouldn't have made sense for Superhoodie to be anyone else.

I made this to show how his past and future self inform each other and shape events. I hope anyone that checks it out enjoys it. Spoilers until 2x03:

All the Right Friends

So, I loved this reveal, and no, I did not see it coming at all. I love your take on Simon, and I think that it is spot on (indeed, pretty much my own take). I feel bad a little for Nathan, but his charm is starting to wane and I'm starting to get more and more irritated and less amused by him.

-No clue. I assume we're about 2 weeks after the initial storm, but that's purely conjecture on my part.

-Excited for Simon and Alisha and Curtis and Nikki. I think that there are great things ahead for both those pairings. And I agree with you on Kelly and Nathan, they gave a friend vibe, and I think it'll be good for him in general, too.

Trying to remain spoiler free for this show, so the amount of research I've done is essentially nil. I am just enjoying the ride as of now and am very curious about all this future stuff including the ASBO 5 going public as well as Future Simon who does seem pretty darn awesome. Good stuff and I look forward to next week!
As a european I've already watched it all, but season 3 was no fun and I stopped after a few episodes.
Another good episode, although the cracks are starting to show.

Conceptually I can get behind Simon and Alisha. It is an interesting development and has the potential to let both of them grow and develop. Without getting into spoilers, in my opinion the relationship in the long term doesn't play out or make sense. But lets leave that for the future.

For now we start to see some trends that aren't good. First, I think the writers are pretty terrible at any kind of sustained relationship. Curtis and Alisha are originally built up as a couple, but basically they both just move on without any real suggestion their relationship meant anything. Same for Nathan's and Kelly's romantic relationship. This is the same thing that happened before with Curtis and Sam. I'm fine with people moving on but I find the writers have no emotional "continuity". This just gets worse as we go.

Second, we start to see plot holes developing. For instance, I am pretty sure the video Alisha sees relates to a future that gets erased... so it actually never happens. This ties into one of my major issues later, which is that I don't think the writers ever expected to go past 2 seasons. If you extend season 2 a bit and add the end of season 3 episodes (to the end of season 3) the series sort of hangs together with a mostly reasonable plot arc. That's relevant to the video because I think that when they shot this episode that future was probably THE future. It is only later when they get renewed that they can't sustain it and have to wipe it out (but if it never happens their would be no video to watch).

On a more minor level, there are various things that don't make sense. It might be me, but I've never gotten Kelly's appeal. That's not to say she is not appealing just that her appeal seems to be all out of proportion. Given his power the tats guy could have super models... rich super models... falling all over him. And he goes for Kelly. Really? That's realistic?

Also, when it comes to the fight, why would the tats guy not just make them all love him when he's discovered? That would be the best way to eliminate any threat. He could then get Nathan, Simon and Curtis to just kill themselves if he didn't want them mooning after him. The one peanut flying into his mouth is also astonishingly unlikely and frankly not explained by anything we discover later.

So the episode was solid. The A story with Simon and Alisha was interesting and the B story with the gay thing between Nathan and Simon was moderately entertaining and not too over the top.

A cold wind is starting to blow though as we see the show start to come apart a bit.
The entire Superhoodie storyline is run by causality. Everyone's actions creating the future. Seemingly coincidental things that work out, and push other events forward and around. Like the peanut. Superhoodie knows it's going to work out because he's already thrown it.

The storyline isn't perfect, but its damn near once you wrap your mind around the paradoxes inherent in the storyline and the personalities involved.

And as for Kelly's appeal to Nathan. For me it was because Kelly rocks. She's been outrageously caring since the beginning when her first instance was to run back to the gang and warn them that Tony was trying to kill them. And kept trying when they have her lip. She's sweet, loyal, and deadly. Kelly doesn't take any of Nathan's crap. Even remotely. Quick with a slap and a puch. I think Nathan needs more negative reinforcement in his life. I think that the men that Kelly draws to her are attracted to dominate yet sweet women. Kelly isn't a classical beauty, but that doesn't mean she isn't beautiful. Personally the more I got to know her, the prettier she became.
But the time paradox only explains why Super Hoodie knows what will happen. So yes, he knows the peanut will miraculously fly into the guy's mouth. That doesn't make it any less miraculous.

My issue with Kelly isn't Nathan. I get that relationship (for most of the same reasons you've given). What I find odd is that the tats guy, who can basically make anyone in the world love him, picks her. She's fine (maybe even great in her own way) but seriously - out of all the women in the WORLD that's his choice?
Hmm. Vince. Well he did say he always liked her. So you could imagine Kelly coming in, getting work done, and just being herself. Giving him crap looking sure of herself. I could see the attraction. And him nursing an infatuation.

And the peanut. As long as it's possible, it doesn't matter if it's probable. At least when causality is at play.
The trouble with Kelly is that it isn't just Vince. It is Nathan and Vince and (yet to be unidentified guy b/c we haven't got there yet). If you compare that to the earlier flashbacks of Kelly and also to her getting dumped by her previous boyfriend it doesn't really match up.

Fair enough re: causality. He knows it will happen and it happens. Still means the show is relying on random coincidence to get the peanut in the guys throat. I'll circle back to the same point in a later episode re: a paper airplane.
I never would have come up with it myself, but yeah, Simon and Alisha are good together.

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