Misfits Season 2, Episode 4 Review: Incompetent X-Men

Misfits S02E04: “Four”

The newest addition to the ASBO gang, Ollie, may have been cut down in his prime, but his superpower lives on in Nikki, so that’s a win for Curtis’s love life at least. Apparently powers can be acquired through organ transplants, as long as the donor was one of the numerous Londoners affected by the storm, like Ollie and his power to teleport.

Ollie found himself unceremoniously murdered by one of the oddest Misfits villain to date, mostly because we received no explanation about why he seemed to think that he was living a video game, right down to seeing the world in 3-D rendered glory. Crappy superpower? Drugs? Mental illness? Who knows. I personally went with crappy superpower because, well, more often than not that’s the way Misfits baddies work. Besides, his hallucinations were so vivid and extreme that anything less than superpowered storm action would be kind of a letdown.

After witnessing Ollie’s execution, Alisha confronted Super Simon about why he didn’t stop the murder if he knew it was going to happen—a fact that he admitted to. He said that if he had saved Ollie, someone else would have died instead. It was apparent that he meant Nikki, the recipient of organ donor Ollie’s heart, but judging by Super Simon’s ultimate endgame, I don’t think it's out of the question that he could have been referring to Alisha as well.

Present-day Simon continued to make strides toward becoming his badass future self. He voiced a desire to go after crazy hallucinating Tim in order to avenge Ollie—a pretty grand gesture considering no one in the group really knew Ollie beyond their awkward introductions. When Tim kidnapped Kelly, Simon played an integral role in the rescue effort, using his invisibility—which he’s developed some impressive control over—to rob an armored car for the ransom money. Outside of the mortal peril matters, when the gang debated whether or not to tell Ollie about their powers and discussed what to do with him if he discovered them, Simon joked, “Kill him,” which amused everyone except Nathan, who feared losing his funnyman status to Simon as Simon crept out of his “weird little shell.”

All of these nods toward Simon’s eventual identity were needed to bridge the two individuals. Alisha struggled with thinking of Future Simon and Present Simon as the same person, which made Future Simon’s sacrifice, when he leaped in front of Tim’s bullet, all the more devastating. As he died, Future Simon consoled Alisha by reminding her that in a way, he’s still alive for her. Alisha argued that it wasn't the same (it wasn't), but Super Simon assured her that Present Simon would evolve and flourish as Alisha fell in love with him. He would become his future self because of her.

That’s touching (and yes, the Las Vegas picture down in the Hoodie Cave brought a bittersweet smile to my face), but it also raises a few questions:

1. Is it really a positive thing for Simon to become Super Hoodie? I mean, it eventually gets him killed.

2. If Simon went back in time to save Alisha, and succeeded, does that mean that there’s a Future Alisha mourning his absence?

3. If there isn’t a Future Alish, then where is she? Does she die regardless, in some other way?

4. Or is it an alternate-timeline deal? Simon came back to save Alisha because her death at Tim’s hand destroyed him to the point that he became Super Hoodie. By saving her, he ensures their future together will happen and be awesome.

5. Or will it? If it was Alisha’s death that motivated Simon to become Super Hoodie, and she doesn’t die, then doesn’t he theoretically avoid becoming Super Hoodie?

6. And if he doesn’t become Super Hoodie, and it was Super Hoodie whom Alisha loved, then how does everyone live happily ever after?

Whew. Enjoy those mental gymnastics.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Curtis made a great deal of progress in their own relationship. Curtis and Alisha ended things amicably, content with their respective partners. Nikki discovered her teleportation powers in the hospital as she recovered from her heart transplant, when thoughts about who her donor was zapped her straight to the morgue where Ollie’s body rested. Freaked, she begged her doctor for another heart, but they don’t just give those things away, so she was basically stuck with Ollie's. An encounter with Curtis at Ollie’s memorial had her spilling the beans about her weird new ability, which in turn inspired him to share his own secret power with her. It was a surprisingly drama-free affair and Nikki dove right into being a “misfit” when Tim ended up taking all of them hostage after their attempted rescue of Kelly fell apart.

My gosh, they’re really the worst super team ever, aren’t they? I say that with love, but seriously, there was one Tim and four of them, and of the four of them, one of them possesses the ability to go invisible and one of them is immortal. Honestly, even just throwing Alisha at him and having her grab his arm would have probably provided enough distraction for someone to take his gun away. It kind of makes me extra bummed about Super Hoodie’s death just because if you think about it, there’s really no reason why the group, eventually totalling SIX super-powered individuals, should have been overpowered by a single crazy dude, requiring Hoodie to step in and take a bullet for Alisha. Bad form, you guys. Bad form.

Are we sad to see Super Hoodie go? Was it a worthy sacrifice, or should the rest of the gang have been more capable of holding their own? I mean, it was SIX to ONE.

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