Misfits Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2: Simon, Interrupted / Brother from Another Mother

Misfits S01E02 & S02E02: "One" & "Two"

Editor's Note: Hey everyone! Logo has started airing Misfits again on Thursdays here in the U.S. (and they episodes are all on Hulu anyway), but we've been a little bogged down with fall premieres and unable to get these reviews posted. And be "we've," I mean *I* have been a little bogged down with fall premieres, and even though MaryAnn wrote these reviews over the last two Thursdays, *I* wasn't able to get them posted. So here they are now, and we'll return to a regular schedule of weekly Mistfits reviews next week! — Jen

A mysterious note sent via paper airplane (clever!) had our gang gathering around not-so-dead Nathan’s grave just in time for Kelly to overhear him wanking off in his coffin because he’s classy like that. Also, being buried alive probably gets really boring after awhile when you’re immortal. That’s why vampires always end up out of their minds after a couple decades underground, right? And I’m talking about Anne Rice vampires, not the sparkly ones. I’m also possibly talking about the Being Human vampires, but I’m pretty sure Suren was nuts before Mommy Dearest locked her up a few decades, so she might not count.

Anyway, Nathan was eventually freed from his grave, went home to visit his mother, and apparently shocked her so badly that she fainted and knocked a few teeth loose. I guess that means he’ll continue to be homeless in the community center for the foreseeable future, then?

Catching up with the other ASBO kids, we learned that Simon is still pining for Sally the Corpse Bride, Kelly is really bummed about her almost-boyfriend getting impaled in the Season 1 finale, aaaand Curtis and Alisha are still the golden couple. With Sally on ice, Simon and the others have yet another probation officer, but at least this time he's full of dry sarcasm and general crotchety awesomeness. The third time's the charm, though, and someone—Sally’s friend at the police station—has finally noticed the alarming frequency with which this particular ASBO group’s probation officers seem to disappear.

The gang’s new probation officer made them hang out in an art therapy class where Nathan made the mistake of mocking one of the girls, Lucy, and Simon made the mistake of pretending he didn’t spend some quality time with her in a psych ward before landing his community service gig. So I wasn’t at all surprised when Alisha appeared to come on to Simon. I mean, I was surprised, but I didn’t think for a second that it was actually her, especially after her lips touched Simon’s danger zone and he didn’t go crazy with superpowered lust. It’s all in the details, kids.

However, Simon didn’t catch that minor detail and as though it was the blow job that blew his mind (and knowing Simon, it probably was), Simon decided to bury Sally once and for all.

Then everything got a little bit crazy. Stories with shape shifters tend to do that. Still rocking Alisha’s face, Lucy went to Curtis and accused Simon of beating her up. Curtis was, understandably, not happy about that and intercepted Simon as he was moving Sally’s corpse. Simon protested, saying that he didn’t beat Alisha up, but that she totally went down on him, shifting Curtis’s ire to his ladyfriend. Lucy’s machinations started to fall apart when the real Alisha showed up completely unharmed and insisted that not only did she not hook up with Simon, but he didn’t punch her either... by which time Lucy had morphed into Nathan.

Oh, and everyone found out about Sally the Dead Probation Officer. It was a bonding experience, though. Hiding a dead body tends to bring people together, for better or for worse. Usually worse. The realization that Lucy was rocking her Nathan costume and suddenly knew all about the pile of dead probation officers led to, well, ultimately another dead probation officer. But Curtis fixed that. “If I could tuuuuurn back tiiii-ime...” Yup, I'm still singing Cher to myself every time C-dog does this thing.

Lucy impaled Nathan, but now that we know he’ll be fine my reaction was more LOL than OMG.

Letting all her crazy hang out, Lucy finally donned Simon’s face and devised a plan to confess to the killings of Tony and Sally. She was certain that Simon would end up back in their old unit at the psych hospital, where they would rekindle their friendship and live happily ever after. Working his invisibility mojo, Simon followed Lucy to the police station, where he apologized for having ignored her earlier and made a case for his freedom. No, things weren’t perfect with his group of friends, but he HAD a group of friends. Simon admitted to finally being happy and being content with who he was. He couldn’t go back to the psych ward with her because he just wasn’t that Simon anymore. He’s come a long way, hasn’t he? We should all be very proud.

And in the span of one episode, Lucy made some progress herself. Despite the obvious obsession with Simon that led to her antics in the first place, Lucy managed to reach an understanding with her former target and maybe even an understanding with herself. Simon said that he liked the person he became during their time apart, a concept that Lucy initially didn’t seem to understand, asking Simon if he REALLY thought the other ASBO kids would want to be friends with someone like him. Simon nodded. It was small and a little bit uncertain, but it was there, which speaks clearly to how far his social ineptness and basement-level self-esteem have come.

If the powers on Misfits are meant to reflect an aspect of an individual’s personality, then the fact that Lucy can take another individual’s (or animal’s) shape and essentially become someone else for an extended period of time fits well with her disbelief that Simon could have changed, grown, and evolved into a happy and healthy person who is comfortable in his own skin. Simon essentially outgrew her, which is sad for both of them, but it’s one of those things that happens. Relationships change as the people in them change.

So of course I have to ask, does this mean that powers can change too? Or is that just crazy talk?


– Will we see Lucy again? Do we WANT to see Lucy again? (I kind of want to see Lucy again.)

– Is impaling Nathan for laughs the new thing? I can’t decide if that would be hilarious or annoying. I’m leaning toward annoying.

– I really like the new douchebag probation officer. Tell me this one doesn’t meet (another) untimely demise.

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Misfits S01E02 & S02E02: "One" & "Two"

Oh hey, remember that time Nathan had a younger brother for a whole entire episode before he died in fiery agony while making out with a hot, (literally) superpowered bartender? I do now.

Jamie burst onto the scene during the Worst Striptease Ever, carrying the boys’ shared daddy in the trunk of his car and planning to turn Nathan’s world upside down by revealing his existence. Nathan, however, took the big reveal in stride, reminding Jamie that their father is a trainwreck and the idea that he cheated on Nathan's mom while they were married doesn't exactly strain the imagination. After Jamie’s car—and father—were stolen, the brothers teamed up to steal it back and Nathan convinced Jamie to let their father go.

What followed was the second instance in which we saw Nathan embrace the idea of being a good role model, though this time it was entirely due to his own motivation. However, it was refreshing to see the brothers bond and actually get along quite well... if only because I was expecting Jamie to end up being a potential villain, what with his daddy issues and all. In actuality, it was those daddy issues, and Nathan’s matching set, that formed the core of their relationship.

But like most things on Misfits, something had to go wrong. We’ll call this segment “D.A.R.E for Superheroes.” You’re familiar with D.A.R.E., yes? No? Okay, so basically, in elementary school a cop comes to your classroom once a week to put the fear of God into you by describing every possible worst case scenario involving drugs. It’s like Reefer Madness without the catchy tunes. At the end of the program you get a T-shirt. Back in my day, a lot of fifth-grade hipsters wore them ironically.

Nathan took his brother to a club to hang out with the rest of the ASBO gang and to hook up with Lily the Sexy Bartender. Jamie brought the gift of illegal substances to his new friends, who eagerly partook because dance music only makes sense when you’re high. Unfortunately, getting the group high wasn’t the only effect of Jamie’s pills; they also inverted everyone’s powers and unleashed chaos upon the land.

Instead of hearing thoughts, Kelly was incapable of keeping her own to herself. Alisha repelled people with her touch, rather than turn them into rabid horndogs. Curtis found himself flung into the future instead of the past (Was that a CAPE? AWESOME!). And Simon found himself suddenly incredibly visible and desirable to everyone in the club instead of sad, weird, and invisible.

Nathan? Nathan could see dead people. Specifically, Nathan could see his dead brother. The hook-up with Lily went according to plan and she and Jamie ended up doing the frisky in his car—until a complication arose. Lily’s power made her touch turn literally frigid in response to unwanted advances, a side effect of “intimacy issues,” she explained. While high on Jamie’s pills, her power inverted and when things got hot and heavy with Jamie, she literally got hot and, uh, hotter, until she finally burst into flames, taking Jamie out with her. I’m not sure if that’s the best or worst death ever. I guess it would depend on how far they got into their sexytime shenanigans.

Jamie the Friendly Ghost encouraged Nathan to make up with their father and threatened to “haunt the shit” out of Nathan if he didn’t. After some obligatory whining and dragging his feet, Nathan finally took the first step and joined the old man for a pancake breakfast while happy ghost couple Lily and Jamie moved on to the big backseat in the sky.

This episode was heavy on the Nathan, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t make some important headway in the mystery of Super Hoodie. He apparently has a thing for Alisha, following her around in a way that is not at all creepy (except for how it’s totally creepy), and—judging by Alisha’s cell phone video of Hoodie taking an acrobatic leap off of the side of a building—he might be the Batman of Britain. Simon tried to track down Super Hoodie after he swept in and saved Nathan from wandering into his brother’s burning car out of shock and horror. Simon THOUGHT he had Super Hoodie’s address, but when the ASBO Five broke into the apartment, all they found was the girl from Curtis’s brief fling in the future... and she had no idea who any of them were.

I’d ask for your glorious conspiracy theories, but since our current viewing is a good two seasons behind where the current Misfits canon currently is, that would be silly. So just tell me this: When we finally learn all the answers, are they awesome?


– “Oh fine, you have the pretty one.” Kelly did a pretty good job of being offended by Nathan’s remark on her own, but I’d just like to add my own indignation to it. How rude!

– Continuing our tradition of giving everyone on this show a theme song, I’m thinking Super Hoodie is a perfect fit for the theme song from the 1966 Batman series. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, SUPER HOODIE.

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