Misfits' Super Second Season

As Misfits returns this Thursday (10pm on E4) so too do the inevitable sex scenes, creative swearing and comically awful superpowers. Everything you loved about the first season remains--every episode is again written by season one’s creator, Howard Overman--but this time the show is complemented by a quicker pace and broader character comprehension.

Those who are yet to tune in shouldn’t find it hard to follow (though, there’s no excuse--Channel 4 are reshowing the first season for free on 4oD) because there’s an extensive flashback at the start of the new series. To recap: five teenagers are doing community service when a strange storm strikes and gives them superpowers. They bond as they learn of their abilities (from invisibility to time-travel) but end up accidentally killing two parole officers while they’re at it.

The truth about the second dead supervisor swiftly comes to light in the season two debut, as does the fate of immortal Nathan (Robert Sheehan), who unfortunately discovered his ability after being buried in last season’s finale. All the ASBO teens are now fully aware of their superpowers, but they’re still useless at understanding others’: In the premiere episode they’re repeatedly outwitted by a shapeshifter, while a mysterious, masked stalker goes unnoticed in the background. The role of the latter character is part of a new series arc, which will remain a surprise until at least episode three--a must-watch episode.

There are plenty of outlandish storylines to come, but we won’t ruin them for you here (for that you should go to the forum). Contrary to a once-popular belief, Misfits is not Heroes on ASBOs: It’s a laugh-out-loud original series that deservedly won a BAFTA for best drama last year. The cast have great comic timing, while the writer has a knack for creative, enjoyable storylines. Because of this there’s already been interest in a movie and a US remake. Meanwhile, this series is expected to be so popular it’s been hinted that Channel 4 has already ordered more episodes for next year.

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