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Misfits: We Did Not See That Coming

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We've been on tenterhooks since Misfits' second season began, and last night it was finally revealed who the mysterious masked man is--and, wow, it was unexpected. If you're yet to watch the latest episode; go and do it now! Not just because we'll spoil it below, but also because it's a truly magnificent experience.

Now we've got the warnings over with, let's get to the good stuff! The Misfits' stalker is... future Simon. Who would have thought it? The awkward loner has become all hot and mysterious (no wonder Nathan fancied him!). We were told the masked man would be outed today, but the revelation of his true identity came completely out of nowhere: we would have sworn the man in black would be a new character, or at least a smaller, previously overlooked, one.

The new Simon storyline is a complete game changer; it opens up so many possibilities for the show’s future and proves that Misfits is far from predictable (even if we did all guess how Nathan would get out of his coffin). A whole series of exciting questions have now been raised: How did Simon travel back in time? What is he protecting the gang from? How comes Alisha's power doesn't work on him? And they're a couple now? What the...?!

We doubt Howard Overman, the show's writer, will have us waiting long for the answers. The speed at which pivotal arcs have been addressed in the past is something to be commended. The intentions of the now-dead female parole officer, Nathan's immortality, and future Simon's secret identity, were all cleared up pretty quickly. Of course, with each revelation comes new questions, but that's the fun of it all. Here's what we reckon could happen...

...The previous episode, about how their powers can be affected by drugs, could turn out to be more important than initially thought. If their powers can be altered, is this how Simon travelled back in time and isn't seduced by Alisha's touch? Also, why doesn’t he use his power instead of wearing that suit? Has he lost his invisibility?

...The dialogue suggests that future Alisha dies. Considering the quick turnaround of storylines could this be at the end of season two? Ready for a resurrection in the Christmas episode? (Granted, this would've worked better at Easter).

...Curtis will have an affair with the new girl (the one who needs an oxygen tank to breath). Then he'll feel really bad and his guilt will trigger more time travelling. Maybe he'll go back in the past and see Alisha and future Simon together?

What are your predictions for the future of the series? Did you suspect Simon was the masked man? Tell us below!

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