Modern Family, Man vs. Wild, and CSI: NY

8 p.m., CBS

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Blair Underwood reprises his role as Dr. Harris, Christine's (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) ex-boyfriend, who complicates things with her new boyfriend, Max (Eric McCormack).

9 p.m., ABC

Modern Family

Claire (Julie Bowen) gets fed up with Phil's (Ty Burrell) universal remote. Plus, Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords) and Chazz Palminteri (A Bronx Tale) guest-star.

9 p.m., DSC

Man vs. Wild

Bear Grylls is his own stuntman. In this episode, he paraglides over the Rocky Mountains and hops on a moving train.

10 p.m., CBS


When the beautiful star of a women's football league is found dead in the locker room, the team investigates foul play both on and off the field.

11:35 p.m., CBS

The Late Show with David Letterman

Dave welcomes Arrested Development's Will Arnett. Plus, James Taylor and Carole King perform together.

Also on the airwaves...
American Idol, 8 p.m., FOX
Mercy, 8 p.m., NBC
Gary Unmarried, 8:30 p.m., CBS
Criminal Minds, 9 p.m., CBS
Human Target, 9 p.m., FOX
Throwdown with Bobby Flay, 9 p.m., FOOD
Cougar Town, 9:30 p.m., ABC
Dog the Bounty Hunter, 9:30 p.m., A&E;
Ugly Betty, 10 p.m., ABC
Steven Seagal: Lawman, 10 p.m., A&E;
Launch My Line, 10 p.m., BRAVO
Nip/Tuck, 10 p.m., FX
NCAA Men's Basketball: Wake Forest v. North Carolina, South Florida v. Cincinnati, Georgetown v. Pittsburgh, Baylor v. Kansas, Colorado v. Oklahoma State
NBA Basketball: Jazz v. Spurs

What are you watching tonight?

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Comments (6)
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Jan 20, 2010
American Idol, and CSI: NY
Jan 20, 2010
Modern Family!
Jan 20, 2010
Modern Family only.. And maybe Idol.
Jan 20, 2010
Modern Family, Cougar Town, Gary Unmarried, New Christine, Human Target (New Episode), CSI NY, and PBS perhaps.
Jan 20, 2010
Nip/Tuck and Human Target.
Jan 20, 2010
lame night. NCIS is a repeat, as is Human Target (and I've already seen ep. 2) and that's all I'd watch anyway. Its a good night for doing laundry...

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