Monk, Psych see way onto NBC's schedule

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It's the television equivalent of "getting called to the show" in baseball. NBC today announced that it would begin airing Monk and Psych, a pair of successful basic cable shows from the USA Network, beginning next year.

Because of a strike-addled fall television season, networks have been thinking about dipping into their cable family and picking shows to fill the holes in their broadcast programming. NBC and USA Network are both owned by NBC Universal Corporation.

The current plan is to let Monk and Psych air as planned in January on USA then re-air them on Sunday nights in March on NBC. NBC did not announce a time, but both are an hour long and would likely air from 8-10 p.m.

Monk stars Emmy winner Tony Shalhoub, who was an NBC primetime regular for his role in Wings, as a quirky San Francisco investigator who suffers obsessive-compulsive disorder. Psych is a dramedy following a young man who uses "heightened observational skills " to trick people into believing he is psychic, which lands him a job helping the police solve crimes.

NBC Universal also owns Sci-Fi Channel, which houses one show just dying for more exposure: the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica.

CBS previously announced it might use some of its Showtime properties, such as Dexter, to fill in its primetime schedule. However, the network hasn't made any final decisions.

For more on the writers strike, check out's Strike Source, featuring up-to-date statuses on shows, the latest information, and more.

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