Montana Cox Wins AusNTM 2011 Cycle 7

We recap Australia's Next Top Model winner Montana's top moments of Cycle 7.

Last night, Montana was crowned Australia's Next Top Model at the live finale held at the Opera House (at which we were, of course, in attendance).

But not before a whole hour of finale antics!

The Live Finale

First up, the top 16 performed a sort of awkward dance. Models should not be dancers, ya'll.

Izzy has pink hair again!

Then we watched some video footage of the final three at their photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar (only one of which will be printed -- seems kind of like a waste of resources, y/n?). On the day of this shoot, Simone arrived late because she was doing an HSC exam for drama that morning. Of course she does drama.

They then unceremoniously kicked our Simone out, and we looked back on video footage of her journey to third place.

We maintain that Sarah read out the wrong names.

Or maybe the teenyboppers voting in this comp thought that Simone was too mean?

We were then subjected to a performance of "Bang Bang Sexy" by Short Stack, and at the end of it the final two strutted out in some bondage outfits.

(By the way, please excuse the shoddy non-flash photography iPhone camera photos.)

We then took a look back at Liz and Montana's "journeys", and got ready to hear the verdict.

Montana won, of course. Duh. She's like the Hermione of modelling, so where else would she come but first?

Here's her gorgeous Harper's Bazaar cover!

And here are the other girls grudgingly congratulating her, amidst a sea of sparkly gold canon glitter.

Congratulations, Montana!

Let's celebrate by looking back on her photo shoots and our favourite screencaps.

Oh, and who loves alliteration? We do!

Montana's Gorgeous Photo Shoots

Our Favourite Monty Moments

Monty was always sweet and funny. Towards the start of the comp, she couldn't count.

(Once it was down to the final three, it was a little easier for her to count everyone.)

In week six, she and Amelia, Madeline, Caroline, Jess and Simone imitated intimidating judge Alex Perry.

In week seven, she got topless on the beach with Simone and Jess in the name of "art".

In week eight, she and Simone doubted Rachel's photo of the week.

She always laughed at Sarah Murdoch's jokes.

(This was important in getting her to the finals.)

In week nine, she hung out with her lookalike sister, who is probably going to win next season's AusNTM.

She also gave Josh a big, pink hug. He was mildly unimpressed.

In week 11, she made an extremely embarrassing faux pas, and called a fashion house by their rival's name ... to the designer's face.

She was also worried about being attacked by wild cockatoos while glamping.

But neither birds nor angry fashion designers prevented her from being in the top three with Liz and Simone.

Although she wasn't as entertaining to watch in the first five weeks as some of the other girls, her photos were always stunning.

For a model.

And here, have a picture from last night's after party!

(L to R: Hazel, Simone, Yolanda, Megan Gale, Alissandra, Jess and Caroline)

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Oct 26, 2011
Taccado, it's actually the complete opposite. One the Australian version the winners are always the most successful of the girls, so this show has a good rep for picking the right winners. Winners like Alice and Amanda have done far better than the runners ups and 99% percent better than the contestants from every other country.
Oct 26, 2011
I thought AusNTM is infamous for choosing winners who never make it anywhere in the modelling industry, or even quit the business shortly after the competition. Some of the other finalists make it every now and then, but not the winners. At least that's the reputation the competition has abroad. Let's see where the road takes Montana. Apparently, according to industry insiders, she is regarded as the best winner of AusNTM so far.
Oct 26, 2011
Kickin' it in Paris is my favourite headline found within Paris When It Fizzles!
Oct 26, 2011
Red, Red Whine is my fave.
Oct 26, 2011
"Top Moments"? After a year of fantastic headlines? I think we vote for the best -- I'll go for "Petty in Pink"!