More Bad News for Better Off Ted

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... Jay Harrington, who plays Ted on the ABC comedy Better Off Ted, doesn't have much faith that his show will be picked up for another season. Why do I say that? He went and booked a gig on the NBC pilot Nathan vs. Nurture. The good news: Moses Port and David Guarascio are behind Nathan. You don't know who they are? Duh! They were the EPs on Aliens in America, the best comedy that no one ever watched, ever! [Variety]

... This isn't really a spoiler, but if you are one of those uptight "OMG spoilerzzz!!1!1!!" people then move on to the next item. Lost is continuing its parade of the dead and will be bringing back Maggie Grace, who plays spoiled-brat Shannon, for its side-flashes (I assume). Some people are theorizing that Shannon's family's wedding company will take care of Locke's wedding. I'm just hoping she gets shot again. God, she's so annoying. [EW]

... Scrubs' Donald Faison has joined the cast of the pilot The Odds, a CBS comedy about cops in Las Vegas. Autumn Reeser is also gainfully employed; she's joining ABC's No Ordinary Family. [THR]

... The CW has given the green light to a show that isn't about horny teens trying to get into each other's pants. I know, weird, right? The network is trying out Ridley Scott's Nomads, described as "an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride following a group of nearly broke young backpackers traveling the world who agree to earn money by working secret missions for the CIA." Oh. On second thought, maybe they should go back to teen makeout sessions, because that sounds stupid. [THR]

... Despite my prodding, you guys aren't watching Damages. WHY? Why aren't you watching Damages? What is your problem!? What did I ever do to you? I thought we were friends! Monday's episode didn't even clear one million people, and it was an AWESOME episode! Meanwhile, Keeping Up With the Kardashians drew 3.75 million viewers. Seriously, I hate you guys. [TV By The Numbers]

... Sarah Palin is angry at Family Guy because the show made a reference to her having a special needs child (video below). While making fun of special needs children is horrible and wrong, making fun of politicians (liberal or conservative) is always great. So this is a wash. [The Live Feed]

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