More Gordon Ramsay? Fox says "F***yeah!"

American viewers love anything lewd, crude, and related to food--and Fox knows it. The network has signed a new deal with foul-mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsay, who's known best for his thorough terrorism of hopeful young cooks on his hit series Hell's Kitchen.

"[Ramsay] has become one of the faces of Fox," says Mike Darnell, the network's President of Alternative Entertainment, and he's certainly not wrong. Hell's Kitchen's most recent season was this summer's most popular show among adults 18-49, and Kitchen Nightmares is hot on its heels--but can Ramsay fans stomach even more of the guy?

Under the terms of the new contract, Hell's Kitchen will be back for two more seasons, and Ramsay's newer Kitchen Nightmares will have at least one more run. But that's not enough for Fox: Execs are working with Ramsay to develop a one-night special as well as a mysterious third series.

Kitchen Nightmares is currently airing Thursdays at 9 (on Fox, duh), and Hell's Kitchen will return midseason. We've got no details yet on the new special or series, but let's hear what you think just in case some savvy Fox exec is reading this. Will Ramsay's antics continue behind the counter of a grade-school lunch line? In the mess hall of an American military base in Iraq? In Google's famous employee cafeteria? Let's hear some ideas!

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