More Jersey Shore... With a Twist

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... Okay, here's The Situation. Jersey Shore cast members held out for $10k an episode, and MTV budged. That means a whole new season of cavorting stereotypes is in the works. But this time, MTV is taking them out of Jersey and to... an unannounced location. Might I suggest the bottom or the Mariana Trench? [MTV]

... In slightly better series pickup news, the wacky folks of Pawnee, Indiana will be back for a third season as NBC has issued an early pickup for Parks and Recreation. I heard the show got better, so I gave it another shot. Still don't get it. Although I laugh uncontrollably whenever Aziz Ansari says anything. That guy r00lz. [The Wrap]

... Dollhouse came to a fitting disappointing conclusion on Friday, complete with tech-heads, tears, and kick-ass deaths. So did the Whedonites converge for the series finale? About as much as they did for the rest of the show's existence: The finale was watched by 2.2 million fans and drew up a 0.8 rating in adults. That's not that great. [The Live Feed]

... Torchwood's John Barrowman is joining the cast of Desperate Housewives for a minimum of five episodes. He'll play "the Big Bad at the center of the Angie mystery." Whatever that means. In other news, I'm not sure what to think of John Barrowman anymore. [EW]

... Super guest stars Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz will do their temporary thing on a future episode (or maybe even episodes) of Chuck. This may get my just-now-made-up award for best guest casting of the year. Even I might tune in. [EW]

... I know this isn't TV news, but c'mon. Avatar at the top of the box office for a seventh week in a row? This is just crazy talk! I haven't seen the movie yet (i'll probably just watch it on my iPod Nano, I hear that's the best way), but I imagine that some of you out there are creeping toward a dozen or so viewings so far. Should I really go see it soon? [LA Times]

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