More money, more women for Nip/Tuck surgeons

Filming for the third season of Nip/Tuck will start this week, and the show's two stars will be able to treat themselves to an extravagant working lunch if they so desire.

Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh, who play a pair of plastic surgeons on the hit FX series, have each received a bonus of about $300,000 from the network and producer Warner Bros. TV. Their costar Joely Richardson is said to have received a bonus as well, but no reports of the amount have been released.

The success of Nip/Tuck will also be shared by Rhona Mitra, who was recently dropped from ABC's Boston Legal. Mitra has taken on the recurring role of a detective investigating last season's attack on Dr. Christian Troy.

Bruno Campos, who has made guest appearances on the show in the past, will return as a regular character.

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