More Partridge Being "Plotted"

Having already created a movie version of The Thick of It, Armando Iannucci is now hinting at plans for a possible Alan Partridge film.

Talk of bringing Steve Coogan's comic creation to the big-screen has been rife for a while, but in a recent interview with the BBC the British comedian admitted he wouldn't shoot a film without the original writers on board -- one of which is Iannucci, who has since teased on Twitter that he's on board with the project.

Earlier today the script-writer told followers: "[I] thought I might add fuel to rumour-fires by saying [I've spent the] last few days plotting a Partridge story."

A movie for I'm Alan Partridge was first mooted in 2005 after the success of the TV series' first two seasons --the first in 1997, the second in 2002 -- which won three awards including a Bafta for Best Comedy in 1998. Fans of the show, about a cheesy chat show host, were told to expect a movie that centred on the radio DJ's attempt at a comeback but, alas, this never came to be.

Iannucci's apparent involvement suggests that planning has progressed since then, however. The comedy writer has also recently received an Oscar nomination for In the Loop, the movie remake of his political satire The Thick of It, which was shortlisted for the Best Writing for an Adapted Screenplay Award last week.

Confirmation as to whether an Alan Partridge movie will be given the green light is expected sometime later this month. It's still unclear whether the show's other co-writer Peter Baynham has any involvement in the project.

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