Mr. Trump goes to Hollywood

In showbiz, you only fail upward.

Apprentice boss Donald Trump has hired Andy Litinsky, a season-two Apprentice contestant, to run the real estate magnate's new production company in Los Angeles. The company will focus on bringing new Trump projects to TV.

Litinsky was fired on Apprentice after his team lost a challenge to design an exciting Pepsi bottle. Despite being fired from the show, Litinsky has already been working for Trump on real estate ventures.

"[Andy's] a very capable guy," Trump said of his new Hollywood minimogul.

Trump will film season six of The Apprentice in LA instead of New York City, where previous cycles have been set. He says he needs a production company in Hollywood to handle all of his burgeoning entertainment projects.

"There so many things being thrown at me, a lot of them based in LA, I just thought it would be appropriate," he said.

A TV reality show based on the board game Monopoly is reportedly the first project in the work at Trump's production house, which is still unnamed.

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