MTV Cancels Skins

... Music Television has dropped the Guillotine of Cancellation on the neck of its controversial, often-shirtless teen drama Skins, a.k.a. American Apparel Ads: The Series. The big question that one person out there is now asking himself is, "Was it canceled because of ratings, or because it was too controversial?" I've got this one: Yes, yes, and also because it was terrible. There wasn't even a werewolf in it. [EW]

... Attn: Lost fans feeling withdrawal because there isn't enough Damon Lindelof in their lives, aside from his insane tweets: Perk up! Disney has signed a deal with Lindelof to write and produce a large-scale science-fiction feature, and the company is paying him seven figures to do it. All that's known right now is the title of the project: 1952. There's also a chance it could be more than just a movie, as the involved parties are discussing other potential platforms. (TV? Video games? Log-flume ride?) [Deadline Hollywood]

... Sticking with Lost-ish news, Mark Pellegrino (who played Jacob on Lost and Lucifer on Supernatural) will join TNT's The Closer as a recurring character. He'll play Gavin Baker, a gay defense lawyer who's tough as nails. Look for his appearances in August. [TV Guide]

... Hey, I thought Danny Glover was too old for this sh*t! The Glove will join Kiefer Sutherland on the new Fox drama Touch. From Heroes creator Tim Kring, Touch focuses on a father (Sutherland) whose mute, autistic son can predict the future. Glover will play a professor who studies children who possess special abilities. I hope their characters meet! [TV Line]

... Psych's Juliet (Maggie Lawson) will soon have a dad who talks a lot of $#*!. The USA show has booked William Shatner to play Juliet's father, an estranged con man who reunites with his daughter and can't help but try to pull off one more con job. [TV Guide]

... You've waited patiently for NBC to announce a premiere date for Friends With Benefits, which was picked up over a year ago and then shoved in the corner of the janitor's closet at 30 Rock. Well the day has finally come: Friends With Benefits will air on Saturday, June 25 from 8pm to 9pm! The show was picked up by NBC in May... of 2010. Let's hope those "it's the end of Lost," BP oil spill, and Tiger Woods jokes still hold up. [Deadline Hollywood]

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