Mumbai calls Richard E. Grant

Joining the call center comedy as a flashy British actor the award-winning star of films such as Withnail and I and Gosford Park guest appears alongside Mumbai Calling regulars Kenny Gupta and Nitin Ganatra.

Grant's character, Benedict Harlow, teaches Indian phone operators how to speak better English--but his workshop doesn't go quite as well as the management had hoped.

Elsewhere, manager Dev is endangered by a local gangster who threatens to bankrupt his business. That is, until Benedict returns to collect his pay with a talented Bollywood actress in tow. Impressed by her beauty the gangster vows to leave, but will all end well?

As well as starring Doctor Who's Grant, Mumbai Calling is also expected to feature Star Wars actor Denis Lawson later in its first season.

Produced by the creators of Birds of a Feather and Auf Wiedersehen Pet the comedy's debut drew an impressive 5.23 million viewers, making it the highest ranked show that hour. It thrashed competition from popular crime drama CSI: New York, which attracted 3 million fewer people for Five.

Mumbai Calling continues this Saturday, June 13, at 9:30pm on ITV1. Will you be watching?

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