Murphy keen for more older stars

The 34-year-old has been brought in to play Eva Strong, the long-lost mum of Anita Roy (Saira Choudhry).

Speaking before a raft of new signings were announced, Sheree said: "I think you have to appeal not just to teenagers but adults as well, so maybe if they do bring in older characters and feature them more it will be up there with the other soaps, rather than a teen drama."

She went on: "Emmerdale and Corrie have lots of youngsters but lots of adults too. And lots of young kids love watching those soaps, so maybe it'll be better if we get a few older characters in and make it more like that?"

She said that, even though the show has a young fanbase with it's 6.30pm showing, she know lots of older people who catch up on it during its Sunday omnibus.

Since she made the remarks, a string of new castings were revealed, including Kim Tiddy and Paul Opacic, who will play parents Heidi and Carl Costello.

Phina Oruche is to play mum Gabby Sharpe, while Anthony Andonis will appear as her husband Phil.

The signings are part of new producer Paul Marquess's plans to shake up the show.

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