My Kitchen Rules: Meet the teams

Get to know the pairs who will be representing your state in Seven's new cooking contest.

Get ready for a barrage of cooking shows in 2010, thanks in no small part to the extraordinary success of MasterChef Australia.

While the ABC is in production on Poh's Kitchen and the LifeStyle Channel premieres Come Dine with Me Australia next week, Seven has announced the five teams who will battle it out in My Kitchen Rules. The show is being plugged as a successor to My Restaurant Rules, but the state vs. state element is probably its only genuine similarity.

At stake (or is that steak?) in this battle is $100,000 cash.

Fronting the show as both hosts and judges are Pete Evans and Manu Feildel. Each team of two will also act as both peer judges and competitors, marking one another out of a score of 100. The format of the show sees teams turn their homes into dinner parties for one another, whipping up three-course meals -- that sounds like a lot of frequent flyer points.

As with My Restaurant Rules, the teams have different make-ups including couples, friends and relatives. Expect to see a lot of local campaigns for those in your home state. The teams are:

Sisters Tanja Smith, 36, and Genevieve Latham, 29. These working mums share a passion for fresh ingredients and teaching their children all about where food comes from. "We cook together all the time but also hang out with the kids and go camping together," says Tanja, who works as a client services manager. "We work really well as a team." They have a background in home-style cooking and especially desserts.

Secret ingredient: Gen: "Coconut. I add it to lots of recipes because it's one of my favourite flavours!"

New South Wales:
Parents Matthew and Gabrielle Moss, 46 and 47, respectively. With six children to feed, they have the big quantities under control with their tried and tested spaghetti bolognaise, master stock chicken and lamb roasts. "It's all well and good to make a spag bol for six kids, but serving up a meal to Pete and Manu is a bit different," says Matthew aka "Mossy". Mossy's style is lots of romantic meals for Gabe.

Secret ingredient: Mossy: "Simply salt and pepper. I use it in every dish I serve."

Mates Clint Yudelman, 24, and Noah Rose, 23. When they're not in the kitchen, the boys love to surf, play sport, have dinner parties with their mates and support the AFL. "I try everything when travelling and love to try as many different cuisines as I can. I love watching people cook in their local area and talk to them about their ingredients, recipes and techniques," says Noah. The boys love to cook with seafood.

Secret ingredient: Clint: "Pomegranate molasses."

South Australia:
Flatmates Paul Wood and Melissa Heilmann, both 27. They've hosted everything from -->Alfred Hitchcock--> nights to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and weekly urban dinners, where guests enjoy regional dishes. "We've lived together, worked together and travelled together. We have a really tight friendship," says Paul. They hope for an edge with modern Australian cuisine.

Secret ingredient: Paul: "Native bush spices. It can add an element of surprise to any dish."

Western Australia:
Husband and Wife Marc and Natalie Ferron, both 29. While both of them are currently teaching -- Marc's a physical education teacher and Natalie pre-primary -- they have ambitions to one day open their own restaurant. They describe their cooking style as modern fusion. With Marc's Anglo-Indian/French heritage and Natalie's Italian influences. "Coming from an Italian background, food has always been an integral part of mine and my family's life," says Natalie. "There has always been an interest and connection with tradition, food and cooking." Modern fusion is their style.

Secret ingredient: Natalie: "Garlic. I also like adding anchovies into my spaghetti to give it a real boost in flavour."

My Kitchen Rules premieres in February on Seven.

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