Natalie Garonzi has The Xtra Factor

Former Mint host Natalie Garonzi is set to take on live TV once again.

Natalie Garonzi is about to be flying by the seat of her pants as host of The Xtra Factor, the companion show to Seven's talent show.

The post-performance show will air live on 7TWO following both Sunday and Monday editions of The X Factor. Garonzi will be hosting two live hours every week.

"It will be a one-hour show that runs as soon as the actual performance finishes. It will start straight after the performance show finishes and as soon as the results show finishes it will start straight after that," she says.

"There will be a lot of stuff to talk about after the show. So there will be a lot of interviews, panellists, judges, taking calls, SMSes, tweets, so the hour will be taken up pretty quickly.

"As soon as the show is down it starts on The X Factor stage, and you slowly move up through the audience to a huge Perspex box, and it uses the audience and the set as the backdrop.

"So we're behind the audience. It's quite surreal."

But Garonzi is used to having to fill TV airspace, having been a host on Nine's late night quiz show, The Mint, in which viewers would ring up and try to guess a puzzle for cash. With no script across four hours of live TV, it was a challenge for even the best of hosts.

The former model turned presenter also hosted Wedding Switch, Playing it Straight, sn:tv and S'Arvo for Nickelodeon and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, as well as appearing in the film You and Your Stupid Mate.

Unlike Inside Idol, which accompanied earlier seasons of Australian Idol, the show will look to be more reactive to the performance show that immediately precedes it.

"I'm sure there will be a few packages slotted in from the [contestant] house or from rehearsals, but this is purely a dialogue from the show about what's going on. We'll have panellists, people from the press, fashion people on what they've been wearing, judges and audience as well," she says.

"So it's not so much about what's been happening during the week so much as what's just happened."

The companion show has been running with the UK's X Factor, and Seven has implemented a local version at the insistence of creator Simon Cowell.

"It's quite a big show over there, so we hope this will be as well!"

The Xtra Factor premieres 9:45pm Sunday on 7TWO following The X Factor on Seven.

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