NBC Cancels Awake, Are You There, Chelsea?, Two More

After a flurry of renewals in which it looked like NBC might begin to stand for "NoBody's Canceled," the network made some room for new shows by cancelling a quartet of freshman series, reports TV Line. And not one of them was a surprise.

Let's get the worst news out of the way first: Kyle Killen's drama Awake, received the bad news a day after one of its best episodes aired. The show looks to be on track for a thrilling finish, which makes its cancellation extra disappointing. There are lots of reasons we could insist on for why Awake didn't make it—it was too good for network TV, it was too high-concept, it had a crappy time slot—and it's probably a nasty combination of all of them. That doesn't change the fact that (in my opinion) it was the best new drama on network television this season, by a long shot. I'll miss you, Awake.

Three comedies also got dumped. Are You There Chelsea?, Best Friends Forever, and Bent won't be returning to television next season. The latter two were practically canceled before they aired, as NBC barely promoted them, only ordered short, six-episode seasons, and scheduled them pretty weirdly. Bent burned through its season faster than any show in recent memory, with pairs back-to-back episodes churned out over the course of three weeks. Are You There, Chelsea? was paired with Whitney on Wednesdays, where both shows tumbled. But Whitney was renewed for a second season earlier today.

There are still two more episodes of Awake left. Perhaps a surge in viewership or chatter on the internet will draw the interest of another network to dive in and save it. I'm totally on board with a save-the-show campaign.

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