NBC Cuts to the Chase

... Having second thoughts happens to all of us. But when having second thoughts happens to a network, it doesn't look so good. After going on a renewal spree earlier this season, NBC has decided that a full season for lackluster Chase was perhaps not such a good idea. The network has cut the season order for the action drama from 22 episodes to 18 episodes. The chances of this show getting a second season? Not so good. [The Live Feed]

... Remember that Dora the Explorer lawsuit? Of course you do. Caitlin Sanchez, who provided the voice for the lead character, sued Nickelodeon, claiming she was unduly compensated. Well the two sides kissed and made up the American way: One side paid off the other side with cold, hard cash. Details of the settlement weren't disclosed, but I think it's fair to assume that Sanchez is the richest 14-year old on her block. [The Live Feed]

... The CW hasn't officially canceled Life Unexpected yet. But... it has been, according to a new DVD set for the show that's titled, "Life Unexpected: The Complete Series." As in, there's no more Life Unexpected coming. If you care, the DVD will be released on April 5. [TV Shows on DVD]

... Multiple award-winning actor Jeremy Irons (he played Scar in The Lion King!) will make a guest appearance on... Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He'll play a sex therapist who works at a sex-addiction clinic. Saucy! Keep an eye out in early 2011. [NBC]

... Anna Chlumsky, the little girl from My Girl, is all grown up and playing the chief of staff to Julia Louis-Dreyfus' vice president in Showtime's Veep. You have my permission to feel old now. [Deadline Hollywood]

... FX's Terriers wrapped up its season, and probably series, last night. And the numbers were better, but still not good. The total audience didn't even reach one million, averaging 784,000 viewers. 1.6 million tuned into the season premiere. [Broadcasting & Cable]

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