NBC Dumps Ready for Love, But Promotes Grimm to Tuesdays

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Guys, you're never going to believe this. NBC's reality dating experiment Ready for Love, in which three single, sexy (and very white) guys were paraded out in front of a trough of desperate women, is NOT the next new television phenomenon. NBC has pulled the show from its schedule effective immediately, and has not decided where or when the remaining episodes will air if they even surface at all, but I expect they will be readily available in Hell. Not to toot my own horn, but I called the show's abject failure somewhere between also predicting that the sun would rise and beer would taste good. 

But out of Ready for Love's ashes rises a sapling of good news for another show. Good old Grimm will move from Fridays to the plush Tuesday-night 10pm slot where Ready for Love's crater currently resides. That leaves Grimm in the enviable slot behind The Voice. Grimm has been NBC's duct tape as of late, taking long breaks or jumping around the schedule whenever NBC sees fit. 

Dateline will replace Grimm on Fridays starting April 26.

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