NBC green-lights new Bionic Woman

Gentleman, NBC can rebuild her--faster, stronger, with higher ratings than before. The peacock network has green-lit a new version of The Bionic Woman.

NBC's commitment to the pilot is contingent upon casting. So far, no casting has been announced, but David Eick ( Battlestar Galactica) and Laeta Kalogridis (The Dive) will write and executive-produce the series.

The Bionic Woman is a remake of the 1970s series, which starred Lindsay Wagner as a woman who received bionic implants after a skydiving accident. The show ran for three seasons, first on ABC and then on NBC.

Bionic Woman was itself a spin-off of The Six Million Dollar Man. In Six Million, Lee Majors portrayed astronaut Steve Austin, who, after suffering a horrible crash-landing, was repaired using bionic body parts.

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