NBC Is Adapting Romancing the Stone for TV

... Remakes, re-dos, reboots, whatever you call them, they're still really hot. NBC is re-somethinging the 1984 film Romancing the Stone, which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, for television. Like the original, the small-screen version will follow a woman who goes on weekly adventures with a rogue-ish explorer while looking for her missing sibling (this time it will be her brother). This is not to be confused with Romancing the Bone, though that was pretty good too. [Deadline Hollywood]

... HBO has ordered a pilot of Da Brick, a drama from Entourage's Doug Ellin, boxer Mike Tyson, and filmmaker Spike Lee. The show will be loosely based on Tyson's life as a young, troubled black boxer who could put his fist through the face of anone who looked at his pigeons the wrong way. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Showrunner Greg Berlanti (Dirty Sexy Money) is developing a project at CBS about a young police officer who is prematurely promoted to detective after a heroic act. Great, another cop show. [Deadline Hollywood]

... I got really excited when I first heard Ridley and Tony Scott were working with Cinemax on a project described as a combination of District 9 and Blade Runner (awwwwesome!) called The Sector. Well, Cinemax has passed on it and crushed my dreams of the next great sci-fi epic. Wait, what? The show is being pitched to... Discovery cousin Science Channel? Great, so it will be a bunch of plastic models hanging from fishing line and guys in plastic Halloween masks. Boo. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Scott Michael Foster (he played Cappie on Greek) is joining ABC's horror series The River. He'll play a reckless cameraman in the midseason series about a crew searching for a lost scientist in the Amazon. [TV Line]

... Get ready for a minor The Shield reunion on Sons of Anarchy: Benito Martinez (The Shield's Captain David Aceveda) and David Rees Snell (Ronnie) will both appear in the upcoming season of the FX biker drama. [EW]

... Abed is heading to Chuck! Danny Pudi (Community) is dropping by NBC's spy comedy; look for him in the fifth episode. [AOL TV]

... The Amazing Race has announced its new cast, and joining the competition this year are Survivor winners Ethan Zohn (Survivor: Africa) and Jenna Morasca (Survivor: The Amazon). They're also a real-life couple. Awwww! [EW]

... Rapper T.I., who's fresh out of jail, is getting a reality show via VH1. There's your lesson, kids. Rap to get famous, go to jail to get even more famous! [Hip Hop Wired]

... Britain's Got Talent has fired judge David Hasselhoff after suffering declining ratings. Well, the fact that you fired him doesn't mean we have to take him back. You keep him, Britain. [The Sun]

... We waited a few days to report on this because we simply couldn't believe it was true, but now charges have been filed. A party bus driver in Cleveland has accused Lost actor Matthew Fox of punching her in the chest and... the crotch. Yes, the crotch. She alleges that Fox was completely wasted and tried to board her bus, which was rented for a bachelor party that Fox wasn't part of, and she asked him to get off. Instead, he started punching. [CNN]

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