NBC Is Exploring the Idea of Haunted Wine

... Supernatural stuff is all the rage these days, but there's one sliver of the genre that's been vastly underrepresented: haunted wineries! NBC is developing Vines, a "supernatural soap" about a family that takes over a Napa Valley winery with magical vines. I couldn't make this stuff up. [Deadline Hollywood]

... A regular-season NFL game has topped the World Series for the first time, as more people tuned in to watch football's Saints and Steelers than baseball's Giants and Rangers duke it out for the championship. America's pastime apparently is just that... past its time. [TV By the Numbers]

... The series premiere of The Walking Dead gave AMC its best numbers for any series, drawing in 5.3 million viewers and a 3.3 rating among adults. That's much better than both Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It's also the best rating of any series premiere on cable this year. Go zombies! [The Live Feed]

... Remember that 1998 movie Practical Magic, starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock? Neither do I. But ABC Family does, and is adapting the movie into a new series. The story follows a family of witches. That worked out well for Eastwick, didn't it? [The Live Feed]

... Ricky Schroeder will guest star on an upcoming episode of No Ordinary Family, as a man who is saved by superhero-in-training Jim (Michael Chiklis). [TV Guide]

... Parker Posey will appear on Parks and Recreation as a rival to Leslie (Amy Poehler). That is, if Parks and Recreation ever gets back on the air. [EW]

... Alan Dale, better known as Charles Widmore from Lost, will appear on NBC's Undercovers as the boss of Shaw. [TV Guide]

... And finally, Charlie Sheen may already be back on the party wagon, just days after the much-publicized hotel incident in which he was admitted to doing cocaine and had a porn star that locked herself in the closet. According to Radar Online, Charlie is back in LA and on a bender, doing massive amounts of cocaine and partying with prostitutes. Hey, at least the guy's consistent. [Radar Online]

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