NBC is getting Lost in the '80s, Day One

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NBC has added a pair of projects to its fleet of pilots, fattening up its schedule and beginning the rebuilding process after a disappointing year. The first is a dramedy titled Lost in the '80s and the second is a post-apocalyptic drama called Day One.

Lost in the '80s is described as The Wonder Years set during the era of Reaganomics and new wave, and a combination of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Ice Storm, according to The Hollywood Reporter. I guess we'll have to deduce what it's really about from the broad descriptions.

Day One come from Heroes writer Jesse Alexander, and is set during the period following an undisclosed global disaster that "destroys the world's infrastructure," says Variety. The story will follow a small group trying to rebuild society and figure out exactly what happened.

NBC has also scheduled the reality show from Lisa Kudrow (Friends' Phoebe) titled Who Do You Think You Are?. The show, based on a UK show of course, tracks the genealogy of celebrities. Signed up so far to have their ancestry picked apart are Kudrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Susan Sarandon. Who Do You Think You Are? will debut on April 20 at 8 p.m.

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