NBC Is Reviving Heroes; Which Characters Would You Like to See Return?

Save the cheerleader, save NBC? Well, probably not, but the network is bringing back Heroes either way. I'm not kidding! The Peacock has ordered 13 episodes of Heroes: Reborn, an "event miniseries" that'll be helmed by original Heroes creator Tim Kring and air sometime in 2015. 

For those who aren't familiar with the superhero drama's storied past, a brief history: Heroes was an instant hit when it debuted in 2006, but faltered late in its first season and never really recovered. The series ultimately ran for four uneven seasons; NBC canceled the show in 2010, and for awhile there was talk of a made-for-TV movie that would wrap up loose storylines, but it never materialized. 

So far, details on Heroes: Reborn are few and far between, and they'll probably remain that way for some time, according to an official statement from NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke: "Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy," she said, "but we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.” 

In the meantime, perhaps we can glean some hints from the last time Heroes made headlines: When news broke last April that MSN was in talks to revive the series, the idea was to assemble an entirely new group of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and bring in original cast members for cameos. And that certainly seems like most viable way to do it, right? If that's the approach NBC takes, which original Heroes would YOU like to see back?