NBC Is Stocking Up On Its Moneymaker The Voice: Here Come Two More Seasons!

Hey guys, have you heard about this show called The Voice that NBC runs for 90 percent of its airtime? Go ahead, turn on NBC right now, I bet it's on.

Well, good news! You can now fast-forward to 2013 and you'll still be able to watch The Voice ALL THE TIME because NBC just renewed it for two more cycles! That's right, spinning chairs and Christina Aguilera's jugs (or Shakira's hips) will still be staring you in the face a year from now, as NBC has requested editions for next spring and fall.

The spring 2013 cycle was pretty much a given, as NBC announced lat week that Usher and Shakira would replace Cee Lo Green and Aguilera and Aguilera's boobs in the next cycle as Green tries to become a sitcom star and Aguilera and her boobs go on tour. And when you think about it, the fall 2013 cycle was pretty much a given considering how in love NBC is with the show.

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