NBC moves shows again

NBC has announced it is making a last-minute adjustment to its fall sitcom schedule. Twenty Good Years and 30 Rock will trade places on Wednesday nights, swapping the 8 p.m.-8:30 p.m. time slots.

Both shows are set to premiere on October 11. Originally, Twenty had been scheduled to appear on October 4, with 30 Rock debuting a week later.

Twenty is a modern-day take on The Odd Couple starring 3rd Rock From the Sun alien John Lithgow and Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor. The two men disagree on almost eveything in life, except that there isn't enough if it left.

30 Rock is the anticipated sitcom from ex-Saturday Night Live writer Tina Fey. The show revolves around the antics at an SNL-like sketch comedy show, and stars Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, and Alec Baldwin.

"We have the luxury of starting Wednesdays with either of two great new comedies," said Reilly. "We ultimately felt that this change creates better audience flow throughout the night, with Twenty Good Years a more compatible lead-in to The Biggest Loser at 9 p.m. Either way, we can't wait to get started with these terrific programs."

NBC has already moved these shows around on the schedule once. The network had planned to have reality show The Biggest Loser at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays, with Twenty at 9 p.m. and 30 Rock at 9:30 p.m. Then, NBC moved Loser to 9 p.m. and the sitcoms to the 8 p.m. block.

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