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NBC Picks its Post-Super Bowl Show

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... It's the most exciting time of the year! That's right, it's the day that the network that will host the next annual professional football championship match tells us what we'll be able to sort-of half watch while we're barfing up chicken wings and tater tots and crying over all our gambling losses! NBC has the rights to the Super Bowl in 2012, so will the lucky show be a The Cape reunion show? Will it be The Marriage Ref, possibly with actual NFL refs? Will it be NBC's new favorite show The Voice? Yes, it will be The Voice. [NBC]

... ABC Family has ordered 22 more episodes of Switched at Birth, but isn't calling it a new season. Instead, the first season will be a whopping 32 episodes long, putting it in the same category as those sweatshop series at Nickelodeon and Disney. So far, Switched at Birth is looking like the network's second-best new show ever. EVER! [Deadline Hollywood]

... [Sung to the tune of the Scooby Doo theme song] Lucy Lucy Liu, where are you? You're going to be on Southland! [TV Line]

... Will & Grace's Sean Hayes is being recruited by NBC to return to television. The network is currently developing a sitcom with Hayes, but details are zilch. Hayes has been producing television in recent years, and might make a guest appearance on one of the new shows he's working on: the upcoming NBC drama Grimm. [EW]

... More NBC news: The network is so enamored with people singing nowadays that it's ordered a comedy project from The Voice judge Adam Levine. The show is set in a karaoke bar. That's right, more singing on your television. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Jennifer Lopez is reportedly close to extending her American Idol contract after a successful first go-round. And rumor has it that she'll see her salary increase from a paltry $12 million to a barely break-even $20 million. Poor Jennifer! [The Wrap]

... Comedian Rob Riggle, who is seemingly attached to just about every single new comedy that comes out, has now signed a deal at HBO to star in Lifestyle Lemonaid, based on the blog of some woman who is married to a big-time talent agent at WME. Jesus Christ, Hollywood is so in love with itself. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Starz is close to ordering a show called Tits in the Pits. Fo' real. [Vulture]

... The best show you and I aren't watching, Downtown Abbey, will return to America on January 8, 2012. It will air in the UK this September. I have no idea what this show is about, but apparently as far as stuffy British period dramas go, it's the shiznit. [SF Gate]

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