NBC picks up Parks, waiting on Chuck

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The answer that every Chuck fan was waiting for was supposed to come today. It didn't. NBC only announced a partial list of its 2009-2010 pickups at today's upfronts, leaving those rooting for a renewal of the spy comedy in the dark. The future for several other shows, on the other hand, has been sealed.

The network officially announced that Heroes, Southland, and Parks and Recreation would be returning this upcoming season. Six episodes of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday were also announced.

NBC settled on six new shows for next season: the medical dramas Trauma and Mercy, the hour-long dramedy Parenthood, the post-apocalyptic "event" Day One, and half-hour comedies Community and 100 Questions (formerly known as 100 Questions for Charlotte Payne).

The buzz from leaky sources says Medium will be officially picked up soon, but the fate of the long-running Law & Order, My Name is Earl, Life (update: cancelled), and fan-favorite Chuck are still up in the air. NBC will announce its entire 2009-2010 schedule on May 19, and according to Deadline Hollywood, Chuck and Law & Order will both be back, possibly as midseason entries.

The Office, 30 Rock, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Friday Night Lights, Biggest Loser, and Celebrity Apprentice were all previously picked up. New series pickups previously announced include the celeb genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are?, Jerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref, the self-help Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, and Jay Leno's five-days-a-week primetime talkshow.

NBC's season is already looking pretty stuffy--where will they fit everything?

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