NBC Renews More Crap

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... NBC has given The Sing-Off a second season, proving that America can't seem to get enough of watching unknowns see their dreams crushed. The singing competition show will be back for eight episodes next season, if you care. [The Live Feed]

... Not to be outdone, MTV has renewed The Buried Life for another season. The show follows four bro-dudes as they do stuff that you always wish you could do but can't because you don't have a show on MTV that pays for it all. [The Live Feed]

... Delroy Lindo, one of those actors who you've always seen and recognized but never really knew his name, has joined the cast of Shawn Ryan's new Fox drama pilot Ride-Along. The show's about cops looking to clean up the streets, just like every other cop show. Lindo will play a politician who may be a little crooked, just like every other politician. [THR]

... Do you love Leave it to Beaver? Do you think that 36 Leave it to Beaver DVDs isn't enough Leave it to Beaver for your crippling Leave it to Beaver obsession? Then how about a 37-disc Leave it to Beaver set! Because who doesn't have an extra $200 to burn? [the very specifically named TV Shows on DVD]

... When Gossip Girl returns next season, one of its main ladies won't be back... for a while. Jenny (Taylor Momsen) is in for a big turn during the show's season finale, which will result in her being absent for the beginning of Season Four. I'm guessing she'll get an internship at Nasa and be shot to the Moon. [EW]

... Since it's a slow news day, here's a video of the kid being dubbed the Taiwanese Susan Boyle. Apparently it's meant as a compliment.

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