NBC snubs Scrubs

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Scrubs is likely done at the conclusion of this season, and the comedy's producers want to send it off with a bang. There aren't a lot of shows that last eight seasons and successfully dodge axes each summer the way Scrubs has, so why not give the program a nice send-off? It deserves it!

To create that party atmosphere, creator Bill Lawrence has decided to bring together all of the marquee guest stars who have appeared in Scrubs' run for an eye-popping finale...and he got his wish. Mostly.

According to EW.com, two stars that have since seen their careers rocket since palling around Scrubs weren't allowed to participate in Lawrence's wish. Masi Oka, who plays time-bending Hiro Nakamura on Heroes, and Sarah Lancaster, who plays Chuck's sister in Chuck, both did not make the scene--but not because they didn't want to.

NBC reportedly played cranky old man and told the actors that they could not head back to Scrubs. Why? It appears to be simple revenge: NBC was home to Scrubs for seven seasons, after which the show defected over to ABC during this past off-season. The move clearly soured NBC, which did what it could to try to sink the Scubs finale.

"[Masi and Sarah] wanted to do it, but NBC said they weren't allowed to," Lawrence told EW.com. "Typical classy stuff." Yes, Lawrence has no love lost for NBC.

Even without Masi and Sarah in the big scene, Scrubs still pulled in some famous familiar faces. Amy Smart (Crank), Tom Cavanagh (Ed), and Nicole Sullivan (The King of Queens) are all featured in the finale.

Is NBC acting like a big baby? Or is all fair in love and war?

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