NBC ties knot on nuptials sitcom deal

The road from the marriage proposal to the nuptials can be a rocky one for any couple.

NBC is hoping that road also is paved with laughs as the network and its production arm develop an untitled sitcom chronicling the yearlong period leading up to a young couple's wedding.

"The idea is for us to play out all the madness that occurs to couples who are in that firestorm and the family relationship issues that come up when you're about to be married," said writer-producer Jonathan Groff, who is executive-producing and supervising the project.

The project will be set in a quasifictional college town in the South, partly in an effort to imbue it with red state/blue state tensions among the locals and the collegiate types who attend the university. The town also will be home to numerous historic sites connected to the Civil War, allowing for strife between local preservationists and business interests, Groff said.

Scribes Josh Bycel and Jon Fener brought the concept to Groff, who is working with the duo to hone the idea and hash out the story specifics for the pilot. The trio worked together on NBC's animated comedy Father of the Pride.

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