NBC U goes out on another Blind Date

In a surprise move, NBC Universal renewed the reality dating show Blind Date for a seventh season. The show has suffered a ratings decline of 25 percent from last year. The entire genre is suffering a sag, with Elimidate also showing a big ratings decline.

Debuting in 1998, Blind Date was a pioneer in the reality dating genre. It took the simple yet inspired concept of filming a couple on a blind date, then added hilarious cartoon thought bubbles and clever graphics to indicate what the couple was "really" thinking.

Elimidate added to that idea by turning the already tense blind date process into a competition, wherein guys and gals vied to be the "winner" who doesn't suffer rejection between interminable commercial breaks.

Both shows are part of a once-thriving reality dating genre, which includes Change of Heart, Love Connection, and Cheaters.

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