NBC's 2011-2012 Schedule: Music Mondays, Chuck Fridays

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One thing new NBC chief Robert Greenblatt apparently wants to emphasize is his affinity for working on Sundays. The chairman of NBC announced the network's 2011-2012 schedule to reporters today ahead of NBC's Upfront presentation on Monday, and because most of the cancellations and new series pickups were revealed/leaked/tortured-out-of-those-in-the-know last week, the real news today was where everything will land on the network's schedule. (There's an easier-to-read schedule at the bottom of the page.)

Mondays: With The Event gone ("The Event... NOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!"), Mondays will become "Music Mondays!" or whatever other corny name NBC decides to give the evening's programming. The Sing Off will kick off Garfield's most-hated day with two-hour episodes of singing, followed by new drama The Playboy Club in the 10pm slot. The decision to add The Sing Off to Mondays came about so the network could create a music-themed night all season long. NBC will put The Voice on Mondays come midseason, and continue the music theme with new Broadway musical drama Smash. If you don't like this idea, blame Glee. Heck, I blame Glee for just about everything these days.

Tuesdays: Tuesdays remain the same, with two-hour episodes of the The Biggest Loser followed by Parenthood.

Wednesdays: Humpday gets a massive face lift, with newbies Up All Night (Christina Applegate, Will Arnett) and Free Agents (Hank Azaria) forming a mini-comedy block. Lawyers will follow the laughs, with Harry's Law and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit putting bad guys behind bars at 9pm and 10pm, respectively.

Thursdays: The six-hour comedy experiment is OVER. Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office will keep their slots leading off the night, and new comedy Whitney (starring Whitney Cummings) is penciled in for 9:30pm. Tina Fey is pregnant, so 30 Rock is primed for a midseason return with an uninterrupted run. At 10pm, things get serious: Maria Bello headlines the U.S. adaptation of Prime Suspect.

Fridays: Chuck is now on Fridays. I repeat, Chuck is now on Fridays. NBC is screwing genre fans over by putting Chuck and new fantasy/cop show Grimm on party night. Assuming CW and Fox keep their Friday nights the same, that means Friday will be sci-fi/fantasy/geek night, with a potential three-way, 9 o'clock battle between Supernatural, Fringe, and Grimm. Are these network executives really that stupid? Spread the wealth, dudes! You're killing us! Dateline NBC rounds out the evening.

Sundays: Football, football, and more football, provided there is no NFL lockout. If there is an NFL lockout, NBC will hopefully air some UFL games. Go Omaha Nighthawks! Come midseason, Sundays will see the return of The Celebrity Apprentice from 8pm to 10pm, and new legal thriller The Firm, based on the book/movie of the same name, at 10pm.

Awake (the alternate-reality cop show previously titled REM), Are you There, Vodka?, It's Me, Chelsea, Best Friends Forever, and Bent have been held for midseason.

Are you Chuck fans okay with the show moving to Fridays? What do you think of NBC's proposed music-themed Monday night? What night are YOU watching NBC?

NBC Fall 2011-2012 schedule

(New programs in UPPER CASE)


 8-10 pm — The Sing-Off


8-10 pm — The Biggest Loser
10-11 pm — Parenthood


8-8:30 pm — UP ALL NIGHT
8:30-9 pm — FREE AGENTS

9-10 pm — Harry’s Law

10-11 pm — Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


8-8:30 pm — Community

8:30-9 pm — Parks and Recreation
9-9:30 pm — The Office
9:30-10 pm — WHITNEY

10-11 pm — PRIME SUSPECT


 8-9 pm — Chuck
9-10 pm — GRIMM

10-11 pm — Dateline NBC


7- 8:15 pm — Football Night in America

8:15-11:30 pm — NBC Sunday Night Football


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