NBC's Fall Schedule: In With the New

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NBC unveiled its 2010-2011 fall schedule today, but a sneaky reporter revealed it yesterday before the network ever got a chance to. The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd managed to wiggle his way into NBC's practice run for its annual upfront presentation, the official version of which is underway right now in New York City, and threw all the details onto the Web a full day ahead of NBC's official announcement. As a result, NBC banned The Hollywood Reporter and Hibberd from covering the event today.

Apparently, security at the rehearsal was so relaxed, Hibberd simply walked into the auditorium and took notes on the dry run of the scheduling announcement and star-studded presentation for advertisers. Way to keep a tight lid on it, NBC.

Most of NBC's big renewals and cancellations were announced last week (Law & Order and Heroes are gone; Chuck stays), but there were still two hefty developments. First, NBC is treating itself a Heidi-Montag-style makeover—by adding a whopping eight new shows this fall in an attempt to make itself unrecognizable from last year. The biggest injections of network Botox are the thriller The Event and the J.J. Abrams spy dramedy Undercovers; the former follows Chuck on Monday and the latter leads off on Wednesday.

NBC's second biggest move involves shoving the new foreign-workplace comedy Outsourced into its popular Thursday-night comedy block. Of course, if one goes in another must go out, and the loser in the deal is the resurgent Parks and Recreation, which gets pushed back to midseason (this, even after producers on Parks worked extra hard to accommodate star Amy Poehler's pregnancy and have the show ready for a fall relaunch). What's more, 30 Rock moves up to 8:30pm, which means I have to watch a minute of Liz Lemon being all Liz Lemon-y when my DVR records an extra minute after Community so I can see what Troy and Abed do in their improv skit. I really don't like Liz Lemon. Thanks a lot, NBC.

In addition to the previously mentioned trio of new shows, NBC's fall schedule will include the series premieres of Jerry Bruckheimer's fugitive-hunt Chase, romance anthology Love Bites, Law & Order: Los Angeles, reality show School Pride, and legal drama Outlaw (formerly named Garza).

Here's what things will look like overall: (new programs in annoying CAPS)
8pm Chuck

10pm CHASE

8pm The Biggest Loser
10pm Parenthood

9pm Law & Order: SVU

8pm Community
8:30pm 30 Rock
9pm The Office

8pm Who Do You Think You Are? / SCHOOL PRIDE
9pm Dateline

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