NCIS' Ziva Has a [Blank]!

... Okay all you crazy NCIS fans, I don't think this is really a spoiler or anything, but if you are overly sensitive to this type of stuff, check out this site full of pictures of Paula Deen riding things and then skip to the next item. Fan-favorite Ziva David has long alluded to having a man, and we're finally going to see him. Without a Trace's Enrique Murciano has been booked to play CIA agent Ray Cruz, Ziva's main squeeze—or main squeegie as Ziva would say. Ray will stick around for multiple episodes beginning with this season's 20th episode, which I believe airs in early April. How will Tony take it? [TV Line]

... Showtime has released the premiere dates for its summer slate. And it goes a little something like this... HIT IT!
* Secret Diary of a Call Girl: April 7, 10:30 pm. Final season.
* Gigolos: April 7, 11 pm. Premiere season.
* The Real L Word: June 5, 10 pm. Season 2.
* Weeds: June 27, 10 pm. Season 7.
* The Big C: June 27, 10:30 pm. Season 2.
* Web Therapy: July 19, 11 pm. Premiere season.

... Josh Holloway rose to fame as Sawyer on Lost, and now he's going even higher (in my book, at least. Holloway will guest-star in the season finale of Community, a two-parter. More news: The season finale will revolve around another game of paintball. [EW]

... Ashley Judd has finalized a deal to star in ABC's drama pilot Missing. She'll play a determined mom who travels to Europe to search for her missing son. Bonus: She's ex-CIA. Because of course she is! This is television. [The Live Feed]

... Rachelle Lefevre, from Twilight and my Top 10 Redheads list, has been booked to star in NBC's pilot The Crossing. But what about her other show Off the Map? Isn't she one of the stars of that show? Yes she is. Does that mean Off the Map is in trouble? My oh my, aren't you asking all the right questions today? [TV Line]

... Jaime Pressly, star of Poison Ivy 3, one of the best Skinemax movies ever made, is joining Fox's comedy pilot I Hate My Teenage Daughter. She'll play a mom whose daughter behaves just like the biznatches that bullied her in high school. Pressly is best known for her award-winning work as Joy on My Name is Earl. But you should still check out Poison Ivy 3 sometime. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Warner Bros. TV will be paying the crew of Two and Half Men for the four weeks they would have worked if the Sheen Storm hadn't ruined their lives. That's nice of them. [TMZ]

... And finally, in news that only I and professors who like to study media's participation in the downward spiral of humankind care about, ABC has renewed Bachelor Pad for a second season. I'm 100-percent serious when I say I would be totally happy if the network brought back the entire cast from last season, because they were some of the most vile human beings I've ever seen. At least bring back Elizabeth, I beg you. [EW]

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