Necessary Roughness Exclusive Clip: Watch Dani Treat a Gob Bluth-Channeling "Illusionist" (VIDEO)

Necessary Roughness returns from its week-long vacation tonight with an episode called Mr. Irrelevant... and not only will it involve a Twitter war for T.K. and a "By the way, I'm dating Matt" conversation between Dani and her kids, we'll also get to meet Dani's newest client.

Thanks to our pals at USA we've got an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, and it will introduce you to said client right this very minute. Hint: While it's unclear if he drives a Segway, Arrested Development fans might find the character strangely familiar.

It's not a stunt, it's an ILLUSION, okay?

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA.

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