Netflix Is Thinking About Reviving Jericho

The dead in the television world will never truly stay dead as long as Netflix is around. The on-demand video service has adopted a business strategy equivalent to dumpster diving, looking at shows that other networks have thrown away with the idea of reviving them. Arrested Development, due on Netflix next year, is the company's biggest reanimation, but it could soon be joined by Jericho.

WHAT? Jericho? You mean that CBS post-apocalyptic drama that was canceled and then resurrected after a fan campaign filled CBS headquarters with peanuts? Yep, that's the one.

TV Guide says Netflix is in preliminary discussions with CBS TV Studios to revive the project, and CBS is thinking about it. It's still way too early to start shouting "Nuts!" though. The right actors and producers have to be free, financial issues have to be sorted out, and both parties need to be in the mood to take a risk.

Jericho, about the aftermath of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil and starring Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James, debuted in 2006, was canceled after its first season. Then it was revived for a seven-episode second season in the summer of 2007, aired its second season in 2008, and was canceled the following March. The revival, while inspiring, was a flop, as the show's ratings were lower than before. There was also an attempt at a Jericho movie, but it never went beyond the development stage.

Okay, now someone say something about Firefly.

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